Ultimate Elephant Safari

Ultimate Elephant Safari

18 Oct 18:00 - 29 Oct 21:00 - Amboseli
Amboseli National Park


Elephants are one of the most sought after African safari subjects and this Wild Eye departure will give you the opportunity to see and photograph these amazing animals in three unique and very diverse reserves.

This entire safari itinerary has been designed around the goal of spending as much time in the field photographing elephants and developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of their behavior and interactions as well as they vital role they play within any ecosystem where they occur.

By visiting three iconic game reserve in two countries we will have the ability to create an incredibly diverse portfolio of images, not only of elephants but a wide array of wildlife photography subjects and landscapes ranging from wetland and marshes to floodplains and forests.

Throughout the safari Gerry will host presentations on wildlife photography and Lightroom with a specific focus on creating striking, emotive and memorable images of the largest land mammal in the world.

This multi-destination safari will take you to the Amboseli National Park, Mana Pools, Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls and will change the way you see, think about and photograph elephants.

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