Basic Auto Electrics, Electronics & Diagnostics Skills

Basic Auto Electrics, Electronics & Diagnostics Skills

30 Jul 08:00 - 17 Aug 16:30 - Kahawa
Kenvision Techniks Institute


This course consists of three units namely:

UNIT 1: Introduction to Basic Electronics.
UNIT 2: Scan tool Diagnostics.
UNIT 3: Engine Component Diagnostics.

Each of the units costs 15k ( USD 150 ) and takes 1 week to complete. The full course takes 3 weeks and costs USD 450. It is advisable to take up all the units if one is a beginner. Those already with qualifications and skills may skip the basics upon being preliminary examined for their experience.

All technicians would benefit from attending this course, particularly people who would normally avoid working with electrics.

Those who had not gotten a chance to have formal electric training will have a chance to know the following;

How electricity is produced for vehicles.
Wiring types for various circuits.
A/C and D/C differences.
Measurements, Volts, Amps and Ohms
Ohms Law
Electrical Units and multipliers
Switches and Rheostats.
Measuring devices
Grounds and earth testing.
introduction to sensors and actuators
Fault finding techniques, including short and open circuit testing and measuring high resistance.

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