Five day Masters Composter's Course

Five day Masters Composter's Course

16 Jul 09:00 - 20 Jul 17:00 - Nyahururu
Laikipia County


The Master Composter’s Certificate is a “train-the-trainer” program providing with more extensive in depth compost techniques taught by International renowned and certified Permaculture Designer and Master Composter, Peter Ash.

This course will bring a crucial ingredient in rehabilitating damaged and degraded soil, making previously barren areas suitable for cultivation once more. You’ll discover the importance of the right levels of air and moisture to a healthy pile as well as insight on some of the common problems that can affect the development of your compost – and how to prevent or ameliorate them. Peter will teach you about the latest science during this workshop from his vast expertise in the field for over 35 years!

This is our third Master Composter’s TOT course set out over five days in Laikipia in partnership with the Laikipia Permaculture Centre (LPC).

Cost: 30,000 Kshs
(Fees include all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification and excludes transport to and from the course

This course is HANDS-ON and you will walk away with some amazingly deep insight on Composting and much needed soil building building on any scale.
You will also get to see a partner Permaculture site in action!

Peter’s courses have been a favorite to many!! You don’t want to miss this one, especially an intensive master composter’s training from one of the best!

‘Peter is fabulous! One of the best PRI Kenya courses I have done’ - Ariana Grammaticas (took a course with us in 2015)

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